Roar | Full Movie 2014

Watch the video of Movie Roar. The lead Actors in this Movie are Abhinav Shukla as Pundit, Himarsha Venkatsamy as Jhumpa, Achint Kaur as Forest Warden, Subrat Dutta as Bheera, Nora Fatehi as CJ, Ali Quli Mirza as Hero, Aadil Chahal as Kashmiri, Varinder Singh Ghuman as Cheena, Aaran Chaudhary as Sufi, Pranay Dixit as Madhu and Pulkit Jawahar as Uday. Movie Directed by Kamal Sadanah. The movie released on 31 October 2014.

Movie Official page : Roar |  Hindi Movie (2014)
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